Aadhar Achievements 

A little Description 

Know About Aadhar

UIDAI is never expected that aadhar will become such a successful within five to six years. According to recent survey more than 99% indian people has aadhar card and it is true data. But to make aadhar for rest indian is a challenge work.


Uniques authority of India has given such a huge effort to make success of aadhar campaign and the result is more than 111 crore aadhar has been distributed among the rural as well as urban people. So if you are still not have then just go an apply for that and you also joined the club of aadhar card holders.


So after this much success, UIDAI has targeted for to achieve the rest target to make aadhar card to all those people who are still not have aadhar card and for that UIDAI has drives special aadhr week and months so that they should apply. 


Aadhar Success 

2019 - Today

As per the various news sources, UIDAI has planned that they will make 100% aadhar till the endo of 2019. Government has also targeted that they will achieve till the 2019

all official are working very hard and conducts special aadhar making day or week where percentage is very low in making of aadhar.

 There are many areas where percentage is very low to making aadhr card so state government and UIDAI authority working hard work to make aadhar for all.


Aadhar Status Online

Check Aadhar Status Online 

we also request to all people who has still not created aadhr card they must make and contribute in nation building. By applying through the aadhar kendra.

How to Check Status of Aadhar 

So people should check the status of aadhar through the official website and you can check aadhar card status by urn, aadhar status by enrollment number and many other ways. 

Contact for Help 

If you finding nay problem in making of aadhar then comment through the below given details we are here to help you. You can also follow the link to get more answer about the aadhr card.            


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